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Julie Lang

Team Director & Founder, Assistant Coach


Julie has been riding bikes at different intervals throughout her life.  Her dad had her pedaling to visit grandma and grandpa several smiles away at an early age.  She continued riding road bikes and mountain bikes throughout high school and college.  Julie worked at bike shops during this time too!  When her son became interested in riding in 2018, Julie began riding again regularly as a new family activity.  Her son Bryce has been competing in NICA since 2018.  Julie has been a licensed NICA Coach since 2019.  She was instrumental in helping a growing team in Wisconsin expand by creating an organizational structure and board of directors to help ensure the functionality and longevity of the team.   She served as President for two seasons before relocating to Florida. Julie is the founder of the Tarpon Coast Composite MTB team.  She is a certified health coach and life coach with a strong interest in helping women create their best life while feeling great.  She has a strong passion for educating people on the importance of food and helping kids be nourished properly.  Julie is a Level 3 NICA Coach.

Missy Parramore

Head Coach

Mountain biking is Missy's favorite thing to do, and she spends almost all her free time on the trails at CRP.  She recently obtained her PMBIA level 1 coaching certification to become a professional mountain bike instructor and even started her own business, ShredBetter MTB Coaching, to teach others.  She loves working with new riders and helping others build confidence, and she would love to see more kids and women involved in mountain biking.  

She has been a member of the board of directors for the Florida Mudcutters for 5 years, and this year, she became the Teen Trail Coordinator for the Florida Interscholastic Cycling League in order to help the student-athletes become more involved in trail work and advocacy. Missy is a NICA Level 2 Coach.


Greg Parramore

Assistant Head Coach

Greg has been an avid cyclist most of his life, but found his true passion in mountain biking.  You can often find him working on the trails at CRP, and has served as a member of the board of directors for the Florida Mudcutters for 5 years.  He leads the night rides at CRP and organizes monthly group rides all over the state through his group FM Dirt Church.  Greg really enjoys racing and participates in the Coconut Cup Series throughout Florida.  He loves to work with young people and help others try new things and conquer their fears. Greg is a Level 2 NICA Coach.

Ian Lang

Team Co-Founder & Assistant Coach

Like so many, Ian enjoyed riding is bike at an early age around the neighborhood.  Not only was it his main mode of transportation, but the key to his sense of adventure with friends.  Ian begin riding mountain bikes casually in high school and always enjoyed a variety of sports.  Ian has a contagious sense of humor and adventurous spirit that he loves sharing with kids.  Ian’s son has been part of the NICA program since 2018 when he began riding in 6th grade in Wisconsin.  Ian has been  incredibly supportive of the team and fulfilled many volunteers roles to help behind the scenes.  He has been a NICA Coach since 2019 and was instrumental in starting the Tarpon Coast Composite MTB when his family moved to Florida in 2020.    Ian enjoys the outdoors, wildlife and nature.  Ian is a Level 2 NICA Coach.

Supporting Coaches

Lance Lenhardt
Paul Maggiore
Amy McIntosh
Tom Miles

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